Much of what can be observed is the future.


Future Thinking: centre for future studies

The Centre for Future Studies (CFS) is a strategic futures consultancy enabling organisations to anticipate and manage change in their external environment. Our foresight work involves research and analysis across the spectrum of political, economic, social and technological themes. Our clients include national and international companies, not-for-profit organisations, government departments and agencies.

We translate raw information into insightful knowledge and concise understanding. We are proud of the international reputation we have gained over the past fourteen years for innovative thinking and incisive analysis.

Our future thinking expertise lies in:

Detecting and mapping change in the strategic landscape
Applying the skills of re-perception and reframing
Developing shared strategic narratives
Translating future thinking into strategic advantage

Future thinking is only useful if it enhances decision making. Our methodologies and processes include tools to ground future thinking in the realities of today’s strategic decisions so that practical, valued outcomes are achieved.

CFS is affiliated with Kent University and has access to multi-disciplinary specialists throughout the UK academic and business communities. They work across a wide range of industry sectors bringing specific commercial knowledge to particular projects.

In this way, CFS brings the best brains available to each project. In many instances, the teams are virtual in the sense that team members are located in different parts of the country and the world.

It is our people, their experience, expertise and creativity, who are our distinguishing hallmark. Skilful thinking is a combination of science – quantitative data and analysis – and art – qualitative insights and perceptions. Our people have uniquely mastered this combination.

We take pride in our culture of inquisitive minds and creative determination and are committed to helping our clients succeed.

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