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Legion welfare in the 2010s

Legion Welfare in the 2010s

a decade of change

March 2011



Amongst all of the current uncertainly, we can be sure of one thing, that the next 10 years will be a period of transformation.


The Coalition Government has already begun instigating their policies aimed at quickly reducing our significant deficit, while making government smaller and society bigger. These policies are untested, and the outcomes unclear.


While the future is uncertain, this report begins to bring into focus the issues we need to address or mitigate. There is much we do not know, but what we do know is that that the number of beneficiaries likely to need our help far outweighs the support that the Legion is currently able to offer. Going forward, we will need to augment, not replace the support from the state, and collaborate with others to maximise the range of services our beneficiaries can draw upon for support.


The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have presented us with a new generation of beneficiaries who are dealing with the trauma and impact of war, and will be for years to come, but we must not forget about those who came before them. The Legion is here to support the whole Armed Forces community, old and young, standing shoulder to shoulder with our beneficiaries in their daily efforts to put the legacy of conflict behind them.


This report provides us with an excellent overview of the community that we serve, and how it is expected to change over the years ahead. The Armed Forces community is large and heterogeneous group, they have a wide range of needs, which alter at different critical life events. This presents the Legion with a significant challenge, one that can only be met by listening to our beneficiaries, working with others and evolving our approach to health and welfare services.


This is the challenge we face in our ninetieth year, and as we approach our centenary, the Legion is well placed and prepared to succeed in our mission to become the number one provider of welfare, comradeship, representation and Remembrance to the Armed Forces community.

Sue Freeth