Traditional thinking is all about 'what is'. Future thinking is about what can and will be.


Scenario planning: the centre for future studies

The Centre for Future Studies provides expertise in the design of scenario planning projects and facilitates scenario planning workshops.

The scenarios build an understanding of changes in the business environment, challenge conventional wisdom, identify emerging market opportunities, and enable the formulation of innovative strategic alternatives.

Scenario planning is not about forecasting the future but looking at all the possibilities. It involves using and building on the information already known by people within the organisation, but enriched with external non-traditional perspectives. Scenario work is like a dress rehearsal for the actual performance.

In every case, our scenario planning involves rigorously challenging the mental maps that shape perceptions, in part by tapping unorthodox and provocative sources. We all have blindspots and biases. Moreover, our perceptions are often shaped by our past successes and failures, which may no longer be relevant in a rapidly changing world. A good scenario-planning project expands leaders' peripheral vision and forces them to examine their assumptions.

The scenarios are a platform for continuously re-perceiving the changing business environment and preparing for the new risks and exciting opportunities that will emerge.

Companies fail to create the future not because they fail to predict it but because they fail to imagine it.

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