Much of what can be observed is the future.


Thought leadership: the centre for future studies

Thought Leadership is the recognition from the outside world that the company deeply understands its business, the needs of its customers and the broader marketplace in which it operates.
56% of companies consider Thought Leadership as their second biggest objective for B2B marketing. That’s number two behind building new business as the top priority in the next 3-5 year (Economist Intelligence Unit, 2008).

At the Centre for Future Studies, we see thought leadership as the new paradigm for how businesses market themselves and build brand. Thought leadership evolves through the efforts of both individuals and businesses making the commitment to develop a deeper understanding of the specific forces shaping their industry.

Today, thought leadership is becoming the new standard for how people and companies communicate their value to the world and their customers. This includes B2B strategy, marketing, product development, customer support and sales.

Thought leadership enables companies to build strategic value in their industry that transcends ad campaigns, PR activities or marketing initiatives. These types of contributions can directly affect a company’s success and brand.

Thought leadership centres on earning trust and credibility. Thought leaders get noticed by offering something different—information, insights, and ideas. Thought leadership positions the company as an industry authority and resource and trusted advisor by establishing its reputation as a contributor to your industry.

Thought leadership has the ability to:

  • Raise company visibility and credibility to the world
  • Educate and reach customers
  • Enlighten the media on the company’s contributions to the market
  • Inspire customers and partners to connect with the company in new and meaningful ways

Our thought leadership programmes include:

Research and Publications: We deliver thought leadership content through depth research, executive surveys and interviews. We prepare client sponsored white papers, executive summaries and media communications. These are not company product or service white papers, but rather research regarding specific industry issues and future trends.

Custom Events: We design and conduct thought leadership events that focus on specific topics bringing together various related industry thought leaders to debate and discuss current issues. These types of events help sponsors to gain visibility with senior-level target audiences and can offer invaluable networking opportunities.

We deliver high level research, robust methodology and rigorous analysis that is fully sourced and traceable and we work closely with our clients and their PR agencies to translate this knowledge into powerful media messages.

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