Our work enables our clients to anticipate, create and manage the future.

Engage in future thinking with fresh and imaginative ways of analysing the external environment.


at the centre for future studies

We are strategic futures consultants assisting our clients in gaining an incisive and actionable understanding of the nature, extent and impact of change on their external environment.

Researching the future: penetrating research, incisive analysis and forecasts on societal and future business trends with time horizons from five to twenty years.

Visioning the future: the design and facilitation of group future visioning workshops and futurist think tank seminars.

Scenario planning: Scenario thinking processes and programmes to build a plausible future view for each organisation.

Horizon scanning: External scanning resources and expertise and also works with organisations to assist in building an in-house environmental scanning capability.

Future thinking workshops: designed to build future thinking capabilities and expertise in organisations.

Research and analysis for thought leadership: working with PR agencies and their clients to present profile building narratives.

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