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Dr. Frank Shaw is a business strategist, process consultant and futurist...

Working with a wide variety of organisations in business, government, and the voluntary sector. He founded the Centre for Future Studies, a strategic futures consultancy, in 1996. Over the past fourteen years the Centre has gained international recognition for its innovative contributions to futures thinking.


Formerly a strategic advisor to Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, Frank has been an advisor to government, trade and industry for over 30 years. He has worked for many of the past and present Fortune Top 500 companies.

Frank is the author of many published articles and papers on the theory and practises of futures thinking and is invited to speak at conferences around the world.


His current futures research interests are:

  • Workplace transformation and the role of information communications technologies.
  • The psychological aspects and impacts of internet use.
  • Trends and developments in global manufacturing.
  • The forces of change reshaping global tourism.
  • The future of education and learning.
  • The reinvention of capitalism.
  • The impacts of the recession on consumer behaviour.

Doing the impossible simply means doing something for the first time



McGill University
PhD, Communications Methodologies

Dissertation titled “The application of the behavioural sciences to effective communications techniques”, 1972. Published in Journal of Social Psychology, Oct 1972. Visiting lecturer at the University of Western Ontario.



  • Scenario planning
  • Creativity & innovation
  • Group facilitation
  • Keynote presentations


Children's education, technology, time travel.


Groups and associations:

Royal Society of Arts, Strategic Planning Society, Institute of Directors, Market Research Society.


Honours and awards:

Designated one of the top ten influential thinkers in the world by Time Magazine in 2003.