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The core values which unite the 50+ audience

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Saga is focused on serving the needs of those aged 50 and over including the provision of insurances, holidays, money services and the UK's best-selling monthly magazine. It has approx. 2.7 million customers.



Saga commissioned the Centre for Future Studies in to conduct futures research through which to improve their understanding of the 50+ generations. The objective was to explore value concepts and umbrella themes. 


While relevant 50 plus markets and product categories can be readily identified, ways of accessing these markets and engaging with consumers were running out of steam and becoming increasingly redundant.


It was recognised that the 50 plus no longer live straight line linear lives where people live similar time honoured patterns and pass through the same life phases. This meant insights about how to ‘flag down’ and communicate with the 50 plus, based on 50 plus age groups and lifestyle segmentation, were increasingly failing to enable brands to engage meaningfully with this group.


Values are the route to understanding how to resonate with the generations.

Outline of the project

The research explored:

  • The core values which unite the 50+ audience from 50 to 80 years.
  • The ways in which those values are referenced and manifested across the spectrum of 50+ generations (Boomers – GI Generation)
  • The new values which will define the 50+ audience over the next 5 to 10 years – How they may differ from the previous generations of 50+.
  • The ways in which those values are likely to influence the balance of 50+ values in the future.
  • How these values are manifesting themselves in behaviour, attitudes and lifestyles across the generations.
  • The overarching theme which captures a unifying insight about the 50+ generations and provides a definition which sets the future strategic direction of Saga’s business.


The theme which emerged was ‘The age defying generation’, positioning the 50 plus as the leading agent of change in UK society. They are wealthier, more opinionated and living longer than ever before. Empowered, health aware and individualistic, their rallying cry is ‘welcome to the new power generation’. The rise of the solo traveller was identified leading to the design of adventures for this expending group of age defiers.